Leaked Pictures of Amanda Seyfried Are Awesome

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Everybody knows Amanda Seyfried, right? She’s the girl from Mean Girls and several other flicks that you might have seen? Oh, you forgot about her? Well, now is a great time to fall back in love with this big-eyed blonde beauty. She’s not only beautiful, but this new, unexpected revelation has just revealed a little something extra. It turns out she’s actually a huge perv! A set of leaked photos of Amanda was recently released – it’s now all over sites like BannedSexTapes and others. Anyways, the set of leaks shows that she doesn’t mind posing for pictures while fully nude. How freaking kinky is that? We didn’t expect something like that from somebody that looks like she does.

It’s really easy to fall in love with Amanda. She has long, shiny hair and perfect skin, and her breasts are simply flawless. In the sultry pictures posted on BannedSexTapes, she shows off her fully naked body a bunch. We get to see everything and it’s not even funny how sexually attractive she is. Of course, the biggest selling point of this set of leaks is the fact that Amanda performs a blowjob on her boyfriend (husband?) in POV. This couple is really loving and adventurous and they’re a real hoot to see in that sort of situation.

The talented lady looks around nervously while they enjoy their time on a boat. She shoots a quick glance to the side before hastily undoing his pants and exposing his penis. She looks around a few more times before his penis is stimulated a bit. Amanda puts it in her mouth. Shyly at first. Then, the couple starts going at it – he grabs her by the head and starts using her throat in a rather barbaric way. You should definitely check that shit out!

Time to Explore the Hottest Pictures of Bella Hadid

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Bella Hadid has got it all – raunchy mind, killer abs, a killer smile, and the tightest bod. People all over the globe are obsessed with her extremely attractive body and try their best to replicate some of the supermodel’s moves. If you need some inspiration, Bella is probably the safest option. She can be edgy and provocative, but she does so in a very graceful, calculated way. That being said, we aren’t here to discuss what this lady has to offer in terms of fashion or inspiration, we are here to talk about her sexiest pictures.

Bella’s Beautiful Pokies

Celebrity erotica blogs such as TheFappeningNew post lots and lots of pictures of braless Bella. She seems to love just walking around with no bra on. Does it make her sexy? It sure does! The iconic actress Pamela Anderson is the queen of that sexy walk with pokies out and Bella can actually compete with Pam in terms of hotness.

Bella’s Nudes

Yeah. There are many fully naked pictures floating around, but you’ll have to dig in order to find them.

Bella’s Perfect Bikini Body

One more reason for Bella to be your new bikini goddess – the model loves a good time on the beach and her choice of swimwear is always incredible. Once again, we will have to turn to websites such as TheFappeningNew in order to figure out what’s the reason behind the popularity of this type of photo. As it turns out, Bella always picks thong-style bikinis as she wants her body to be “always ready for action”. Her ass is genuinely breathtaking and we are sure that there are many people out there that are only interested in seeing her booty and not much else. Bella doesn’t want to disappoint them, she still has enough revealing swimsuits in her wardrobe.

XXX Genre Spotlight: Big Ass

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In the last few years, our perception of what’s hot has shifted in a very big way. No longer are people seeking the usual, gaunt-looking women that have flat asses and small boobs. Being skinny is nowhere near as popular as it once was, and fashion brands have gone in a different direction—let’s call it “curve.” For men and women alike, there’s a growing trend towards super-curvy models that are full-figured with voluptuous shapes that range from full-on hourglasses all the way to model-skinny (but with a huge ass).

The shift in popularity was reflected in the world of adult entertainment as well. Nowadays, people obsess over porn movies with ladies that have big asses. According to the data provided by XVideosNoPorn, big booty porn clips manage to gather up to 66% of the total number of page views. Another data provided by the same website (XVideosNoPorn.com) also points out that 24% of people look for videos with big asses as their first search. There’s no denying the fact that the world of big ass pornography has exploded in the last few years.

What Are the Best Big Booty Subgenres?

In 2018, there was a HUGE rise in popularity of the so-called “fauxcest” pornography. Its popularity still lingers on, and recent findings prove that the most popular big ass subgenre is the one that deals with stepfamily sex. Big-assed stepsisters, stepmothers, and especially stepdaughters are at the peak of their popularity. The next popular pick for the fans of oversized asses is, of course, the Big Booty Anal genre. If an ass deserves special attention, it means that it should be fucked. Hard. You know how it usually goes in mainstream pornography, right? First, we see ass worship with excessive salad tossing, and then it’s ALL about impassioned sodomy with lots and lots of dirty talking.

TheWankCam: Hot & Trending Camgirl Platform

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Everyone and their mother have been talking about The Wank Cam. This site has kept the community thoroughly satisfied since day one, so we feel like now is the perfect time to give it a review. Many people claimed that the site will overstay its welcome, many claimed that it will not be able to stand the test of time. Now, a few months removed from the platform’s successful launch, we are finally ready to discuss the pros and cons of TWC. Strap yourselves in, it’s going to be a long read!


1.        Countless filtering options. Look, it’s very easy to find the right kind of lady on that website. You don’t really have to do much in order to narrow down the selection. You will be able to see the woman of your dreams right away!

2.        Large roster. They say that there’s strength in numbers? Well, TWC is going very strong then. There are many, MANY horny women broadcasting live at any given point in time. It’s amazing, honestly.

3.        Diverse roster. From MILFs to 18+ teens, from guys to girls, from trans people to alt girls… There is someone for everyone. Not only do the performers vary wildly in terms of appearance, but they also have different sexual preferences.

4.        HD streams. Most of the women are broadcasting in amazing HD quality, up to 4k Ultra-HD. The fact that you can see them clearly adds even more immersion, obviously.

5.        Reasonable prices. Even though this site is mostly free, you still can (and should!) spend money on women that you like. The price of the tokens is reasonable and that’s a good thing.

6.        Most of the stuff is free. Enough said!

7.        Straightforward sign-up process. It’s very easy to create an account just in case you want to become a regular. It’s also worth noting that it’s totally free to create your account and start interacting with camgirls.

8.        Mobile-ready. You can enjoy free camgirl action on the go, on any device. The site looks great no matter the screen size, resolution, or operating system.


1.        Outdated design. That design is seriously outdated and it is honestly the thing that we hate most about this site. Regardless of the fact that this is a mobile-friendly platform that was designed in 2021, it still looks like it is very much designed for an older generation.

2.        “Tranny Wank Fest” doesn’t have a nice ring to it. We’re not saying it’s problematic (even though calling trans people trannies might upset some people and… why would someone willingly choose to upset others?), we’re saying it’s silly-sounding.

3.        No animated/live previews. You can’t hover your cursor over a preview picture to see what’s currently happening. Bummer

Final Thoughts

Haven’t you noticed that the pros far outweigh the cons? We think the hype surrounding this site since the launch was/is very much well-deserved. If you’re into cam sex or at least willing to give it a try, we think TheWankCam is a great option for you.

Signs of a Toxic Relationship According to AnaCams Users

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Today, we are going to help you figure out if you’re in a toxic relationship. If any of the stuff sounds familiar, then it might be the time to reconsider your priorities. Is your GF behaving in a controlling, possessive, and needlessly jealous way by forbidding you to visit XXX camsites such as AnaCams.com? Are there patterns of disrespect mixed in there as well? Read what AnaCams users say and learn about some of the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Consider Leaving Your Partner If

You’re not being given permission to get better, EVER.

An abusive partner always wants to keep you down. You are not allowed to do better, get better at something, etc. This pattern of abuse can manifest itself through constant, passive-aggressive remarks that are blatantly discouraging. Speaking of which…

You’re always under attack.

When you’re in a toxic relationship you will always be under attack. No matter what you do. Nothing you do is ever good enough for your partner and it’s easier to give up and wallow in your own pain than to reach out. Your partner is always weighing you against their idea of ‘good enough’. They are always right, it’s never their fault, no matter how bad they make you feel. You’re always the problem.

Your own needs are ignored.

No effort is made to meet your needs. You’re not asked what you need. It’s not even noticed that your needs were the only ones that weren’t met. Every time something is withheld from you, it strengthens your belief that you’re not worthy of asking or receiving.

You’re second-guessing your every move.  Continue reading “Signs of a Toxic Relationship According to AnaCams Users”