Maximizing Your Enjoyment On Cam Sites: Dos and Don’ts

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When spending time with live cam girls, a little etiquette and decorum go a long way. True, you’re technically a customer, paying for a certain range of ‘services’ to be performed. But this doesn’t mean you’ll get away with behaving like a jerk or treating the whole thing like it’s a one-way street.

The very best virtual dates are those that are reciprocal in nature. After all, you can’t expect your date to go to extremes to blow your mind if you don’t appropriately motivate her to do so.

When this in mind, here’s a brief overview of a few essential insights on etiquette for more enjoyable (and satisfying) cam girl hookups:

  • Read the Ground Rules First 

Before diving into the action, it’s essential to read a cam girl’s bio in full and the website’s T&Cs. Every performer and service provider has rules with strict exclusions and general limitations.

The easiest way to ruin what would have been a fantastic virtual date is to ask for something that is well and truly off the menu. It simply shows you haven’t bothered to do your homework, setting the scene for an awkward encounter.

  • Know the Payment Policy 

Likewise, it is your job and your job alone to ensure you fully understand the payment policy of the site/model. Whether it’s up-front payment, tips, or a combination of both, you need to be ready and willing to pay the going rate and more.

Always treat the published rates as something of a minimum accepted payment. If you want your online dates to feel genuinely appreciated, you need to be as generous as possible. Again, something that will work in your favor when the time comes for them to put on a show.

  • Don’t Try to Persuade or Pressure Them 

No means no – it really is as simple as that. If a girl you hook up with online seems hesitant to do something you request, take it as a no. If it’s not specified in their bio, assume it is off the menu.

There is never any excuse for attempting to persuade or pressure a cam girl to do something they do not want to do. Irrespective of how much you are willing to pay, it is incredibly disrespectful and unacceptable, so don’t do it!

  • Keep the Conversation Flowing 

You may be more interested in the physical side of things, but keeping the conversation flowing holds the key to an enjoyable online date. Don’t leave it to your date to steer the conversation and bridge any potentially awkward silences.

Make an effort yourself, asking questions and taking a genuine interest in her. This alone can be great for building connections, as there’s nothing quite as attractive as a man showing genuine interest in you.

  • Make an Effort

Speaking of which, it is also essential to make an effort to your physical appearance and grooming. You wouldn’t expect your date to turn up looking like they had just rolled out of bed without a care in the world. Quite the opposite, you’d expect them to make plenty of effort to look their best – just as would be true with a real-world date.

Making the same effort in return is there for something you need to do, at least unless you want to give them the impression you cannot be bothered, paving the way for a lackluster date neither you will enjoy.

  • Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

Do men of all ages fall head over heels in love with webcam models? Of course, they do. Is there even the slightest chance you’ll ever meet them in the flesh? Nope, not in your wildest dreams.

Having realistic expectations of what you’ll get out of your online endeavors is a big deal. Camming is about entertainment and enjoyment – not finding your next real-life partner. Even if you think you are building the kind of connection that means something, you must never (ever) ask them to meet you in the real world.

It’s not going to happen, but it could easily sour the relationship you have built online.

  • Don’t Get Too Personal 

There is such a thing as getting too personal with a webcam model. Sure, they might be willing to put on the kind of no-holds-barred show that would make the average porn star blush.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you can cross the line with certain types of questioning. How much they earn, if they’re married, where they live, whether they have kids, etc. Keep things sensible and polite, steering clear of anything considered intrusive.

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