Exploring the Most Common Kinks and Fetishes on Adult Cam Sites

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Think you’re an expert on all things NSFW? You’re about to find out!

In this blog post, we will be delving into some of the most common kinks and fetishes on the most popular adult cam sites.

Brace yourself as we take an eye-opening and eyebrow-raising journey through sexual desires.

Kinds and fetishes – Are they the same thing?

We are willing to bet that most people have a kink or even a fetish of some sort, even if they don’t realize it. But how can you realize you have a kink if you don’t even know how to define what a kink is?

To put it simply, a kink is an unconventional sexual interest. Some people have a kink for being humiliated, talked filthy to, or even more “innocent” things like being tickled or doing the tickling.

And a fetish, well, a fetish is a sexual interest that is defined as being an intense and nearly life-altering obsession. A person can have a fetish or intense sexual desire for a specific situation, object, body part, or even material.

Kinks and fetishes can range from things like foot fetishism all the way to latex and whip-type BDSM play. And honestly, everything and anything in between.

What kinks and fetishes are people watching on adult cam sites?

A few notable themes have become wildly popular on adult cam sites in recent years. Below, we’ve listed a few of the top searches. Remember that any of these can fall into the category of kind or fetish depending on how intense the interest and sexuality are around the subject area.

  • Squirting

Adult cam models are constantly asked to squirt on demand. And while turning on the female waterworks doesn’t exactly work like that, many women out there can and do squirt under the right circumstances. And many of them show off this talent to their cam viewers and customers.

For those that aren’t sure what we are talking about, squirting is the act of female ejaculation, where a woman ejects (or squirts) varying amounts of liquid during her orgasm. Not all women are squirters, which makes the women that do squirt during orgasm particularly rare and desired.

  • Cosplay

The cosplay kink has been around for a while but remains one of the most requested kinks on cam sites.

People with a cosplay kink love seeing other people dressed up in a sexy version of their favorite characters. Characters from books, movies, TV, cartoons and video games are the typical go-to’s. Some adult cam models will be prepared for many different cosplay requests to fulfill their viewers’ favorite kinks.

  • BDSM

Another common kink on sex cam sites these days is the increasingly less taboo BDSM. A few years ago (pre-50 Shades of Gray days), BDSM which stands for bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism, wasn’t exactly something people would admit they were into, even if they were totally into it behind closed doors.

But these days, with dominated female sexuality becoming more positive and normalized in pop culture, people aren’t shy about admitting they love getting tied up or whipping their partner. And cam models are taking notice. A professional adult cam girl will have a variety of bondage outfits for their viewers’ pleasure.

  • Anal play

More and more cam girls are willing to try out anal play for a simple reason. It’s what their viewers want! Anal play involves using toys, fingers, and other objects to bring pleasure and sometimes even orgasm via the back door.

With anal sex still being slightly taboo, many people turn to sex cam sites to fulfill their anal play kink or fetish because they don’t have anyone to explore it with in real likes.

  • Foot Worship

Due to the unique intensity of foot worship, it’s often referred to as a foot fetish rather than a kink. People with a foot fetish become aroused at the sight of the feet, toes, arches, and even shoes and socks.

Adult cam models often get asked by their foot fetish viewers if they can glimpse their toes, or even better, if they will suck on their own toes or feet. This fetish is particularly hard to satisfy in the real world, especially if you don’t have an understanding partner or are single. Hence, the major popularity of foot fetishes on live sex and cam sites today. No shame, guys. You do you!

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